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Week of Prayer and Giving

27th July – 1st August 2020

Our NEW Strategy

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Welcome! Come join us as we journey together

For the last 16 years, ChaplaincyPlus has worked to help individuals to thrive during their working week. We are a unique community of people who want the best for each other, and work together for the flourishing of businesses across Birmingham.

We want to give you the opportunity to join us in this adventure of faith, where we all seek and trust God for our future. 

come adventure with us

What’s this week about?

We want to give you the opportunity to join us in this adventure of faith, where we all seek and trust God for our future. Would you consider giving in these two areas this week:

  1. Join us in prayer, either on a call, or on your own. We have created some events and resources to help you pray with and for us.

2. Join us with joy-filled giving. Please consider it a joy to enter into a faith journey of giving, as you allow God to show you his faithfulness to you in providing all your needs. 

Carol service attendees since launch in 2004

One to one meetups since charity formed.

Churches that we connect with across the city

Cups of 'meetings' coffee Steve consumes annually.

Our Renewed Strategy

Over the last year the trustees have been working on a new strategy – which highlights a new area of work. Mark Jowett, Chair of Trustees explains some of the thinking behind the strategy. 

We need your help in delivering this vision, whether that be through prayer / financially / volunteering or all three! We exist to serve you and the people in our city of Birmingham.

Download our new Strategy Overview below.


Our new strategy explained by Mark Jowett

Make a Donation Today

As you consider the ways the C+ network has impacted you – and the city – please think about whether you can pay-it-forward for many others to also be impacted. How much do you feel led to give?

Our charity costs this to run yearly. Low cost for a city wide impact.


Of our income is donated by individual givers which keeps us going - thanks!

Is what we need EXTRA to deliver the City Wellbeing Initiative.

Regular monthly donation from 100 extra people yearly would sustain the vision.


funds some refreshments for 1:1 meetups & groups



funds a 1:1 wellbeing meeting with an individual



Fund event promo leaflets / design and marketing



train a wellbeing volunteer to meet with people 1:1



contributes to a bigger event like the Carols for the business community 




Get us into your work place to provide a wellbeing support package 

Giving ONline

We’ve partnered with Enthuse to ensure we get the most from your donation online. Payments are 100% secure and encrypted, with gift aid options being available also.

Gift Aid massively increases the donation we received and currently accounts for 13% of all income we receive, so do consider gift aiding your donation – it’s so easy to do and charity checkout process it for us on our behalf.


Corporate giving

Want to make a donation through your business? Then please get in touch.

How Donations Are Used

We take stewarding of the charities resources very seriously and we massively appreciate donor giving.

All donations support the work that ChaplaincyPlus does in the city of Birmingham and finances are regularly reviewed by a board of 8 trustees to ensure money is being spent appropriately and that the charities financial sustainability is ensured.


Your donation will go to support 1:1 meetings with people who need that listening ear and encouragement in their life.



Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin£10,000Raised £9,028 towards the £10,000 target.£9,028£2,000£4,000£6,000£8,000Raised £9,028 towards the £10,000 target.90%
So far we have raised £9,028 towards our £10,000 target! That’s 90% of the total! New totals will be show each day.

All money raised goes to support Chaplaincy Plus make their vision possible.

How can you pray with us?

Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

We need God. We can’t and won’t move forward without His wisdom and provision.  We have a range of prayer events throughout this week (see events below). Here are some specific points for prayer – please check also watch the short videos from the team.

Prayer Themes for the Week


Please pray for God to provide all the finances we need to do everything he is calling us to in the city. 


Please pray for all the people we need to carry out the our work – particularly for a new Finance Volunteer.


Please pray for God to continue to lead us as we develop ideas for the CWI and go ahead of us as we speak to potential partners. 

Stories of Impact

We have been gathering stories about the impact of the work of ChaplaincyPlus on Individuals in Birmingham over the years.

Through these stories we can start to get a feel for the effectiveness of the ChaplaincyPlus ministry. As one person commented, “If ChaplaincyPlus wasn’t there, we’d have to invent it!”

What has Chaplaincy Plus meant for me?

Since being introduced to this amazing organisation through my friend, sister in Christ and former supervisor, Hilary Rushby, ChaplaincyPlus has truly made a significant difference in my work life.

It gave me a platform to freely speak about Christ in my workplace and to let it be known that my faith and family come before work. Some may say that this has perhaps hindered my career in the law profession and in the firm where I currently work but I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is the Lord who lifts us up and moves in all areas of our lives when we lift Him up before others and put Him first in our lives.

Does this mean that I have not encountered stress and bullying, racism and other set- backs in my career? No I have had to journey through many struggles and changes but God and my faith is the one constant thing in my file that never changes. I have received comfort and support through attending the many City Women meetings that have taken place over the years each one lifting me up and encouraging me to go on. And God does ultimately prepare us to do His work wherever we are. Our work ethic is not for pay or for glory but it is about serving Him and giving Him thanks for His marvellous provision and protection and when things do not work out (or so we think) He is merely opening another door and season in our lives.

I have been able to truly celebrate Easter and Christmas in my workplace and speak about the true meanings of these events in the Christian calendar and I do not think it would have been possible for me to do this without the encouragement of those who have been a part of this organisation over the years.

I have met other Christian professionals over the years sharing the same struggles, trials and overcoming obstacles as they journey through this life and these testimonies have helped to shape, mould and encourage me.

The events I have attended recently on Zoom have given me even more strength and encouragement to enable me to do more on Zoom within my own church. So I thank the Lord for this organisation and the amazing people who trust and serve God every day and are faithful to His calling.

Patricia Wright

I’ve loved volunteering my time for Chaplaincy Plus, the chaplaincy services we’re so helpful for me a few years back when I was going through a tough time with a family member being in bad health. It was great to have that support at the time. Chaplaincy Plus is run largely with volunteers, so it’s great to be able to help with decision making and I.T. support.



Got spare time? Want to help us make an impact?

Skills are great but time is more important as skills can be taught. We’re looking for people to partner with us to make this vision happen. What could you help with?

Management Finance? Mentoring? Chaplaincy? Design? Admin? 

If you’re interested do get in touch using the contact form below.


Events For The Week




Strategy Launch Meeting

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Lunch Prayer & Testimony

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City Vibes Fundraising Quiz

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Encouragement & Prayer

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City Men Social Lunch

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Encouragement & Prayer

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City Legal Breakfast

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Prayer & Giving Week Closing Event

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